Future CEO Business Academy 

Est. 2011

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​​Financial Literacy 101

​Many of our children fall victims to poverty because of lack of financial knowledge and bad choices we make as parents. Our children need to be taught how to become financially stable more than how to dissect a frog. We are here to help. In honor of Dr. Martin Luther Kings dream, we are hosting our very 1st Financial Literacy 101 seminar. Our Mission is to help students make smart financial decisions. Financial Literacy 101 is an independent, non-commercial financial education event that will help our future leaders be better prepared to make sound financial decisions.

​​​​Amore by Monie Community Service Event-2020

Another Future CEO has launched and is ready to serve her community. This year, CEO Cymone Hicks has decided to Feed the Homeless. Come support  Cymone Hicks as she goes into our neighborhoods and gives back to the less fortunate. 

​​Casino Night

Our very 1st Casino Night fund raiser was help in 2012. We had such a good time, we're ready for round 2.  

End of Summer Back to School Event-2021

Because of COVID -19, we are unable to host this annual event. We will see you all (healthy and safe) in 2021.

The Back to School Jam brings together in one location children of all ages to celebrate the new school year. Free school supplies are given to students on a first come , first served basis for all grade levels.

Trunk Party Gift Card Give-a-way -2020

Attention Class of 2020!!! Congratulations! You are on your way to college. Future CEO Business Academy is giving away monetary gift cards to a few lucky college freshman. Click the link above to learn more.  

Feed the Hungry Project-2020

​Hungry is real. Too many children cannot begin to think about their future because all that occupy's their mind is where their next meal is coming from. We here at the academy provide hot meals to needy families in the community while allowing our children to participate in community service. This year's event will be a collaboration with Amore by Monie.