There aren't many high school students that know exactly what they want to do by the time they graduate. Some are still skeptical while attending college. While this can be attributed in part to age, a larger factor may be lack of exposure to potential career opportunities.

 Research shows that less than 20% of high school students are offered a business or entrepreneurial course by the time they graduate. Instead their curriculum consists of dissecting animals and other classes non-related to the advancement in life.  We believe that by increasing the number of minds exposed to business options, we will  increase the number of creative, viable businesses.

Our program aims to provide our future leaders the opportunity to discover what they love, and the tools needed to develop into a successful business. As a social entrepreneur, we recognize and address their needs, using the very business model taught in our programs.

Not only do these programs have positive impacts on the individual students, but they have the potential to affect the community at large. As the country and many Americans face difficulties, we provide students an opportunity to make a difference. THAT'S HUGE!!!!!

Through social media, email and events, we are able to track the impact our program has on students and our community. In addition to student feed-back and data, we are setting and achieving internal goals which help us further maximize the social impact of this program.

Future CEO Business Academy 

Est. 2011

Social Impact