Future CEO Business Academy 

Est. 2011

Privacy Policy

The Future CEO Business Academy, referred to as FCEOBA,  respects the privacy interests and preferences of our donors and website visitors. We are committed to full transparency in outlining what information we collect about donors and visitors, how it is used and how you can opt-out of those programs (online or by traditional communications) if you so choose. 

Personal contact information we collect and what we do with it 

When you are making a donation, purchasing a product, expressing an interest in hosting an event, contributing to our guest book, or subscribing to our online newsletter, FCEOBA asks you for personal contact information such as your name, mailing address, phone number and e-mail address. We may use this contact information to provide you with a receipt or financial report; to contact you to clarify or obtain additional information about an order you placed, a donation you made, or a  child you have referred; or to send you additional information about FCEOBA.

If you make a donation, we may contact you on occasion to offer you an opportunity to make another gift, or to inform you of promotions involving third-party sponsors that will directly benefit FCEOBA. You may also receive a personal call from a FCEOBA staff member or volunteer thanking you for your donation. You will always have the opportunity to opt-out of future communications from us.

From time to time, FCEOBA rents or exchanges its list of direct mail supporters with other trusted organizations to benefit our programs and activities. We have found this to be the most cost-effective method of reaching additional potential constituents and hope you value the information they send you. Your name is only made available to these carefully screened organizations through third-party mailing agents for a limited use. Such organizations will not have continued access to your name and address unless you choose to respond to their initial mailing. You have the opportunity to have your name removed from a list rental or exchange by writing to us at:

The Future CEO Business Academy, Inc.
1200 Ring Road, Unit 2548
Calumet City, IL 60409

Personal contact information may also be shared with certain vendors (i.e., reputable companies we use for services such as shipping FCEOBA products or sending mail). We have confidentiality agreements in place with all such companies to protect your privacy.

Personal billing information we collect and what we do with it

In addition to personal contact information, we ask for billing information, such as your billing address and credit card number, when you make a donation or purchase a product. We use secure servers to gather and process your billing information. These secure servers are hosted by our agent, CharityWeb, which is bound by our site policies. Your billing information is not shared with any other organizations, and your credit card number is not retained once your transaction has been authorized and processed.

Financial transactions and our secure servers

All financial transactions on our website, specifically donations and purchases, are managed through our agent, CharityWeb, which is TRUSTe certified. All transactions use an encrypted channel, take place on secure servers and occur in real time. No financial data, such as your credit card number, is transferred via a less-secure channel, such as encrypted e-mail, for processing. Moreover, once your transaction has been completed, your credit card number is not retained.

How to view or change your information

If you do not wish to participate in our list rental or exchange activities, or if you wish to modify the frequency of future communications from FCEOBA, please write to us at our office or e-mail address below.

Also, with the exception of credit card numbers, which are not retained, you can view and request changes to all the information you have given us, including any mailing lists you may be on, by contacting us.

Future CEO Business Academy
Attention: Customer Service
1200 Ring Road
Calumet City, IL 60409

E-mail address:  customerservice@fceoba.org