Phase Two

The second phase of our program is for the "Future CEO". The student that's has a dream of creating their own destiny and owning his or her own business. We will work very diligently to help channel their creativity and assists those students on all the necessary skills needed to launch their own enterprise. In addition to all the skills learned in the first phase, students will be given all the tools needed to start their own successful business.

Any student interested in becoming a "Future CEO" is welcome to contact our office for more details. We are currently accepting students in the Chicagoland and south suburban areas.

What is an entrepreneur?

A person who brings together productive resources to produce a good or service and then assumes the risk of taking that product or service to the marketplace

Services Offered

Business Plan


Mission Statement

​Financial Planning


Business Mentor


Graphic Designs

Start Up Kit

Press Releases


Launch Event

And much, much more..... 

I learned how to dress, what to say, how to look a person in the eye, and how to be above average.

               - Jade Jackson

We are working with high school students all over the Chicagoland to prepare them for the "REAL WORLD" of corporate America. Our program is divided into 2 phases. The first phase is business training. We believe that learning how to be successful should start while you are deciding what you want to be in life. So many times we here stories of how hundreds of thousands of dollars are spent on degrees on to graduate and discover that you still aren't ready. How much time and money could have been saved had the opportunity been available to not only start learning the skills needed to be successful, but to also get a small taste of what your future career would consist of before graduating high school? Through seminars, workshops, webinars, and on-site training, our program specializes in teaching students such skills as:

Phase One

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Resume Writing

Self-Esteem Building


Goal Setting

Business Etiquette

Community Service

Hands On Mentoring


Public Speaking

College Applications and Grant Writing

Interviewing Techniques

Money Managing

Starting and Managing Good Credit

First Impressions

Dressing for Success

And much, much more........................

Future CEO Business Academy, Inc.

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