Our Motto: Ready for the Real World

The Future CEO Business Academy  is a local not for profit (501c3) organization based out Chicago, IL. At FCEOBA, we aim to rebuild hope for our youth where it's been damaged or lost due to the adversity that our children face in the streets of Chicago.  

The mission of the Future CEO Business Academy is to bridge the gap between business and education for minority high school students. Our goal is to empower the youth of today to become leaders and entrepreneurs of tomorrow.

Through practical hands on training, students will learn demand driven skills that are needed to compete and prosper in the global economy and become leaders of their community. Students will also be given an opportunity to experience first hand what is  needed in the real world of corporate America while preparing them for their future career goals.

Through various events and seminars, students will be taught skills for career advancement such as resume writing, business plans, interviewing, banking, diversity, computer skills and much, much more. We promote and educate youth on entrepreneurship challenging them to develop their passions and ideas into successful businesses.

The second phase of our program focuses on students that have dreams of becoming Chief Executive Officers. We provide a jump start to our children discovering their passions and developing their ideas into a concrete businesses. Our goal is to empower today's teens to become tomorrow's business leaders and entrepreneurial innovators.