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Cymone Hicks,  our very own CEO of Amore by Monie, wanted to do something out of the ordinary for her 12th birthday. She wants her business to host a "Feed the Streets" community service project, feeding 200 homeless families in Chicago. We could not be more proud of her efforts so the Future CEO Business Academy has decided to partner behind this wonderful and much needed project. 


Saturday, September 19th

Thank you to all my supporters !!!!

Cina B.

Rachel F.

Melissa N.

Edward D.

Shelly D.

​Renae R.


WE DID IT!!!!!!

Each goodie bag included:

Hand warmers

Face mask


Bottled Water


Tooth paste

Dried fruit



Stephanie B.

Eva M.

Sherri J.

Tanesha G.

Mary Jo. 

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Pictures from the Feed the Streets 2020

Whitney J. 
Sharmaun F.
Donna H.
Benita H.
Keith F.
Edward D.
Jacqueline W.
Karen E.
Vashon E. 
Dequita W.
Antionette W.
Elizabeth G.
The Hamptons
Jann W.

On Saturday, September 19, we will loads up several trucks and drive around the city of Chicago to feed as many families in need as possible. In order to make this possible, she need to raise the funds needed to purchase all the necessary food and supplies. 

Will you help us?

Cymone Hicks

CEO, Amore by Monie

For the homeless, survival is day to day. So we wanted them to feel like they were not alone if only for 1 day. We were able to provide meals and a goodie bag to 200 homeless people in the city of Chicago. 

Wendy S.

Sonya F.

Tracey P.

Brittany H.

Cordell C.

Judy Higgs

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