Preparing Students for the Real world

Business Plans 101

All businesses start as an idea. We challenge students to explore the world of becoming an entrepreneur.


The Future CEO Scholarship Program is designed to assist with the financial needs of minority college students who plan to attend 4 year universities.

College Prep

Completing college applications and financial aid can become very intimidating. We are training students on how to have their applications pulled first. 

Community Service

Perhaps the first and biggest benefit people get from volunteering is the satisfaction of incorporating service into their lives and making a difference in their community.

The intangible benefits alone—such as pride, satisfaction, and accomplishment—are worthwhile reasons to serve.

Future CEO Business Academy, Inc.


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Future CEO Business Academy is recognized as a 501(c)3 non profit organization.

Featured Services

Future CEO's 

Our children are the future. We have developed a program uniquely designed to offer students a chance to bring all their creative business ideas to life.

"I continue to believe that if children are given the necessary tools to succeed, they will succeed  beyond their wildest dreams!"        

— David Vitter, U.S. Senator.

Mentor Program

All of our Future CEO's are paired with a highly knowledgeable expert in their field of business that comes along as a mentor and guides them and provides additional resources along the way.

Business Etiquette

We strongly believe first impressions are lasting. Our students will learn how to make an impressionable appearance within the first 60 seconds of contact.